Tuesday, December 14, 2010

Who created God ?

One Personality named E.V.Raamasaamy an athiest  in Tamil Nadu asked an idiotic question that who created God ?
His question arises from a basic question who created world ? somebody answered him God created the World
He re asked them who created God ?
If he studied Physics in his little age means he never asked a question like this because Physics can explain it...
In sixth standard itself everyone know the definition of Energy which is "Energy can neither be created nor be destroyed . It can be transformed from one form to another " .
If a particle is to be created first of all there must be some energy associated with it to create that particle. It is basic Physics. Similarly the Supreme Energy is the God who created the World . He cannot be created or destroyed. He is the saviour , Creator , destroyer.
And finally if that grandfather Ramasamy studied Physics and Bhagavad Gita means he never asked that question

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